We're the prescription for your fever, as musical improv comes to Jacksonville! Laugh and be amazed while we create completely improvised lyrical and musical magic! More Cowbell has performed at the Gainesville Improv Festival, Miami Improv Festival, and Chicago Musical Improv Festival 

More Cowbell is:  Rachel Stromberg, John Kalinowski, Lyra Hall, Matt Flager, Jamie Armstrong, Sebastian Inks, Jass Laxer
Musicians: Craig Spirko, Joe Anderson, Casey Ratchford.
Johnny and Sebastian are "Bach," an improv duo who will take a simple suggestion and create an entire scenario based on the insipiration. Whatever happens in this world and whoever lives in it are all created in the moment.

Bach is John Kalinowski and Sebastian Inks
Beastwood brings its unique brand of depraved improv comedy to Jacksonville. From one inspiration from the audience, they will entertain you by delving into the inspiration with a wild, physical performance. Beastwood has opened up for the Upright Citizens Brigade, as well as performing at festivals in Tampa and Gainesville. 
Also catch Beastwood performing every Wednesday at Rain Dogs in 5 Points at 8:15 for the absolutely free and spectacularly fun Bold City Improv Jam!

Beastwood is:  Jamie Armstrong, Brad Berghof, Jr., Nick Davis, Matt Flagler, Patrick Snyder, and Shavone Steele.
Evening Chill travels sideways from one player's true story and shows what could have, might have, should have happened, if only. . . . 

Evening Chill is Jass Laxer and Lyra Hall.
Meemaw (aka "Meemaw's Remains") brings the danger that your grandmother always brought to family gatherings. Go through the world's weirdest photo album when Meemaw takes the stage!

MeeMaw is Jack Bisson and Chelsie York.

Rising from the brackish St. John's River, Ethel MerMan will steal the laughter from your soul.

Ethel MerMan is: Matt Flagler, Brad Berghof, Jr., Johnny Kalinowski, and Bobby Parker.

Performing one man improv is as tricky and dangerous as dancing on the head of a pin. Mike's only scene partner is YOU. Watch Mike take your suggestions and exhaust himself in every way possible for your entertainment!

Mike's One Man Show is Mike Smith, and You.
A little bit of danger, and a lot of play. Tire Swing will take you through a loopy journey beyond your expectations. 

Tire Swing is Sara Goldsmith, Jered Jackson, Gabs Magid, Eustachius Roberts, and Terry Wirth
Two people can create an entire improvsed world to play in. It's always different depending on who is sitting in the Second Chair. 

The Second Chair is John Kalinowski and . . .