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Mad Cowford Improv Comedy is a Jacksonville, Florida based improv comedy group specializing in improv performances, improv coaching, improv-based training for companies and organizations, and private events.

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Shows Return After COVID-19


FREE Improv Show
Brewz Riverside 8PM


FREE Improv Show
Ruby Beach Brewing 8PM


More Cowbell Musical Improv
Jack Rabbits 7PM

We Enjoy Being Watched

Mad Cowford will entertain you with Jacksonville’s best improvisational comedy. We offer a variety of show styles ranging from long form improv, short form improv, sketch comedy, signature shows from our brilliant house teams, and of course, the Cattle Battle.

Thinking About Trying Improv?

Specialty Workshops on January 13 and 20!

Next round of Improv Comedy Classes begins January 27, 2020!

Corral The Cattle

Get to know the Mad Cowford Herd.

Chew On This

“Before I start teaching a new round of classes, I like to go back to notes I’ve taken from instructors and books throughout the years. Here are some notes from a workshop I took from Joe Bill from Chicago in 2006.” – Johnny K Scenes Occur with: Action Emotion Talk Action and Emotion are the…
A week of hiking in Sedona and exploring the Grand Canyon can only lead to one thing: improv revelations. When I have time to turn things over in my head and view them from many angles, I usually end up smack in the middle of contemplating the world of improv. I think this is because…
We’ve been interested in starting a blog for quite some time now but have always been unsure how to start. That’s the thing about improv: we never know how it’s going to start. No matter how much practice the team goes through we will never know how the show goes go until we do it.…
I want you to picture fireworks in your head. Think about what they look like. What color. Think about what you associate with fireworks. For me, fireworks are big, in the air, loud, attention-grabbing, confident and always putting on a show. The colors are bright and the noise echoes through a night sky with every…

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